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Let us talk Presets

Let us talk presets

What are they?
 Presets are established hours of editing that you can apply to your photos. Someone somewhere has created these edits you can apply to your photos. Presets are available for multiple platforms. I use them in Photoshop and Lightroom. In simple terms they are Filters. 

Why use them? 
Presets are a great tool to use because they give you ideas that you would never have thought of and they save you hours of editing.

Where to get them?
 Many companies such as VSCO,, and others have made these for you. The issue is that they are costly. The problem with buying presets is you can't test them out to your style. The sample images they show are strategically captured for that filter. I do use VSCO filters on some of my images and I do really appreciate them.

 Not all images will work well with purchased presets.

The reason why I get so frustrated is that these companies have provided stunning and perfect images that work very well with their presets. I bought these presets based on what I saw, and was ready to start applying them to my pictures and then I realized they look nothing like the photos of the examples they gave and I ended up editing even more just to make the filter work. 

TIP: Don't go on Etsy and purchase 300 presets for cheap.

You will not use half of them, and most of them are very extreme and won't create appeal to the customers eye. I learned this the hard way. Take your time when choosing presets and purchase them one at a time if you can. Eventually you will learn the tools and brushes they use and you will soon find yourself learning these edits yourself.

I recently found some free presets that are very subtle and pleasing to most images.

The NATE CAM Starter Pac at

I was skeptical at first to download these onto my computer without some crazy virus taking over my computer, but I stupidly did it anyways.
Nate offers 10 free presets that are inspired by VSCO everyone loves VSCO right now. It is probably the most popular used filters currently.

I have provided the same image of my own and applied each filter below. I am surprised to see that each photo is Instagram-worthy. They aren't drastic filters, but subtle. I am very excited to have these and will use these as my first go tos. Check them out.

They are FREE People!

To download these 10 FREE presets click here: Nate Photographic Presets