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My Millennial Lifestyle

College... I have three thoughts about it. 

1. Don't go unless you know what you want to be.
2. Be prepared to pay for it because the government hates the middle class.
3. You don't have to go to be successful in life.

Pretty bold statements you would say, but it is true (my opinion). College dropouts are rising in numbers every year; there are many views on why it is increasing. I believe it is the new generation that is striving to break free, be bold and create a new monoculture.

The world is changing; we have heard of many successful business owners that dropped out of college to become entrepreneurs. The classics: Steve Jobs (APPLE INC.), Arash Ferdowsi (Dropbox), Rachel Ray, Matt Mullenweg (WordPress), Daniel Ek ( Spotify). 

Am I making excuses for myself? Maybe...For a college drop out myself; I have faith in my generation that we truly can change the stigma of college dropouts and prove that we can be successful and have a balanced life without a college degree. 

 "If you find yourself unbalanced STOP, regroup and start again." 

-Sami Anna

A new independence is on the rise. The millennials are more driven to be happy and free of tie downs; creating a new rush of creativity in the workplace. They or we believe in doing meaningful work even if it means working just to pay the bills. We are tired of having religion forced down our throats, elders pressing their prejudice-babbling nonsense on why we should go to college, the government badgering immunizations, and the assumptions that we should be just like everyone else. 

The point is we have grown up with so much information at our fingertips that we can teach ourselves nearly anything through technology- giving us an advantage. It is extraordinary; we have stopped letting the world influence us, and we are taking our individuality and applying our uniqueness to our work. Creating a new era.

I feel that our number one goal is to bring emotion back into the world and emphasize that we only get one life to live. We have become YouTubers, bloggers, entrepreneurs and dreamers that have voiced harder than any other generation

54% have or will start a side business to create a side income.  50% of millennials are willing to spend more money on products knowing that it supports a good cause and Another fact is that Millenials are the generation that has the largest number of college graduates, but also are in 1 trillion dollars of STUDENT DEBT. Now figure that... Yet were dropping out like flies but we still have the leading score of college graduates than any other generation... We are a huge flipping generation. We out number the baby boomers by 11 million...

 Sami Anna was started to become a photography company that will emphasize the new millennial lifestyle. EMBRACING INDIVIDUALITY,  WILL NOT be CONTAINED, AND WILL ALWAYS ENCOURAGE OTHERS TO START WHAT THEY BELIEVE IN NO MATTER THE CIRCUMSTANCE. I have gone back and forth and back and forth with becoming a photographer for a career choice BECAUSE OF TWO POINTS:

1.Anyone can be a photographer
2. Anyone can buy Adobe and purchase a set of premade presets

I realize these points, but honestly, every time I leave this field of work I start to feel low-spirited. I have soon lead to believe at this time in my life I need to be here; sitting here in my underwear, editing, blogging and desperately trying to market myself. Sure, it is extremely hard work and tiring when you only get two bookings for the month. I fall into the millennial category; I would rather work two jobs so that I can enjoy what I love; to take pictures.

I am bringing in some guest bloggers for the month of December to encourage and bring hope to the photographer community. Embracing the diversity in each other's styles. It is something that we must do to support our community. It will be a great experience to read others journeys about starting their photography careers.

Take a sneak peak into @egotourist mad skills! He will be our next guest Monday. Living in Alaska has giving him breath taking photography material to work with. Beautiful!