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Getting to know your photographer ---The Big Bang Theory

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The Big Bang Theory To My Start Up.

Sami Anna is not only a site for photography & future clientale, but it is a site that encourages growth and new ideas.

How did I get started?

I started back when I was in high school. I remember the exact moment when I had an interest in photography.  I was in a floral design class and had a basic point and shoot camera. Everything was auto adjusted. Not thinking of angles, placements and rules; I took a picture of two carnations and didn't even bother to go look at it in the view menu. Later that day I uploaded and viewed my photos. This photo caught my eye. It is a brilliant photo for a beginner.

Why? Look at the photo and apply the rule of thirds. It works. Look at the background, it is half black and half white. Why does that matter? It matters because of your product placement. If I would have placed the black flower on the left side it would have been washed out with the table. But, because it is on the left the white highlight are brought out and we now have a focal point for our eyes.  The angle it was shot at creates a romantic feel. It almost looks as if these are on a piano (not a classroom dirty desk) I naturally was thinking ahead and my eyes saw things that even I didn't recognize as being photography etiquette. 

As I graduated I felt the need to be something right when I got out. My little inspiration of photography soon was forgotten and life went on. I went to a trade school and even graduated but I still wasn't happy or complete. I soon left and traveled all over the US on a mission to find my happiness. Little did I know that happiness is dependent on you, not on others. That is a long journey we can discuss later on a rainy day.

My last destination was Portland, Oregon. The hipster capital of the world. I was working full time as a dialysis technician making good money for a 23 year old, but I wasn't happy or complete. Quickly after 4 months of living in PDX the rain clouds and cold all contributed to my peak of depression. I soon started feeling like I needed to chase that happiness and leave PDX. I felt like a gypsy- when I became unhappy somewhere I would move to another location hoping something or someone could make me happy again. In all honest efforts to get out of depression- it just didn't happen. The storm moved in and set directly above me washing me away into another trail of hopeless.

Christmas time. My mother and I went on a gift Costco shopping spree. Buying outrageous Christmas gifts for our family. It was my turn to pick out a gift and as I looked over I saw a very affordable DSLR Nikon. The flash backs from highschool and the flower photo quickly brought me excitement. A well needed Serotonin in boost. 

On my way back up to Portland, Oregon I had a brand new DSLR still in the box in my trunk. Never using a DSLR meant auto mode. As I became more familiar I soon shot in aperture and never touching the shutter speed. It wasn't until a job I took in Medford forced me to shoot in manual mode.


This camera forced me out of bed every day to go see what was out there. Capturing images around the town all day soon became my thing. I was happy and found my escape to solving the life blues. I tried took my sadness and angery emotions and exerted those feelings into the photos. I found myself watching the homeless or going to underdeveloped areas. Some people journal to feel better. Instead of writing my feelings out, I choose to express them in photos. I remember days when I would try to find some happiness in this world and I stumbled on a group of moms and their children all holding hands. I soon came to realze that this became quite therapeutic for me. I had a way to express myself and capture how I was feeling into photos. The gallery below you can see what I am talking about. Even though Portland was my breaking point in my life- I still love that town more than anything and visit quite frequently. 

To be continued... A journey into finding where I belong in the photography world.

Finding my style wasn't hard as I have always chosen to go the harder routes and strived to not be basic. One thing I dislike the most is being just like everyone else. I am a hardworking individual who takes pride in my work and enjoys being eclectic.


The first candid shots I captured in Portland, Oregon.

A healing hobby for a lost soul. These are the shots from the greatest Christmas gift I ever received.Since then I have upgraded to a Canon 7D and have collected a wide variety of lenses.